Centralize Your
Agile Talent and Vendors

Lano is the single source of truth to manage your entire contingent workforce.

Grow Your own Network of top Talent

Lano has all the tools you need to look for, negotiate and engage with your agile talent and service providers.

Get access to new talent

Streamline and automate the talent sourcing process across a variety of sources and channels. We help you find the experts you need to realize your next project successfully.

Gain a comprehensive overview over your external workforce

Have complete visibility of all your existing agile talent and vendors in one place. Reduce the time to hire through on-demand access to your talent pool. Use categories and tags to organize and keyword search to browse through your database.

Find the perfect match

Find the best talent for your specific project in just a few clicks. Anyone in your company can access and track a worker’s location, skills, experience and certifications.

Base your decision on reviews

Read through recommendations on talents that have completed previous assignments for your company. Identify who is reliable, punctual and delivers high quality work.

Onboarding has Never Been Easier

Ensure compliance with policies and regulations through the automation of onboarding activities, such as dynamic templates, document uploads and background checks. Know the status of your applicants at every stage of the workflow.
  • SMS notifications
  • Multi-step workflows
  • Electronic signatures
  • Compliance Checks
  • Internal Approvals

Compliantly Engage With Your Extended Workforce

Create projects, assign tasks and track every contingent worker anywhere around the globe. Reduce your administrative burden, lower costs and reduce risk for all of your stakeholders along the way.

Project Management made easy

Add new projects including relevant basic requirements, time frame and budget. Create individual tasks that you can assign to your external workforce. Easily track engagement across all project types and manage milestones.

Track time and expenses easily

Alleviate administrative burdens and enhance accuracy of submitted time through simplified data entry. Have a comprehensive overview over budget at all times.

Approve invoices without stress

Accelerate and improve accuracy of invoices by automating your business rules and practices and by collecting invoice data from milestones, time and expenses. Manage the approval of these auto-generated invoices or of talent submitted ones with just a few clicks.

Make informed decisions

Reduce costs and manage compliance risks with comprehensive, easy-to-use analytic and business intelligence tools.

Automate your Payment Process

Process payments to over 200 countries on-time by having all your invoices in one place

Live Dashboard for Greater Visibility

Make informed business decisions that help to reduce costs and improve process efficiency.
Know the status of every milestone and understand your contingent workforce spend – all in real time.

Status Quo

View current projects and status of corresponding tasks

Freelancer Spend

Track the amount you spent on external workforce


Know the fields of expertise of your external workforce

Hiring Pipeline

Check current status of invited vs. onboarded candidates