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What to do if customers do not pay (on time)

The due date for an invoice has arrived and the customer has still not paid? We have seven tips for you on how to get your money fast now and avoid bad experiences in the future.

These insurances you need as a freelancer

You have set up your own business, but have you thought about taking out some kind of insurance, such as liability insurance? Read here which insurances you really need and what you don't.

How to find clients as a freelancer

One of the biggest challenges as a freelancer is customer acquisition. In this post we have summarized some tips and tricks that can help freelancers and self-employed to find new jobs.

Freelancers Are Winning the War for Talent

Christopher Zabogo
Freelance Photographer

I use Lano to send invoices to my customers quickly and easily. It takes just a few clicks and I have more time for my actual job. Good job, Lano!

Anna Maurer
Freelance Writer

My job is to write excellent texts for my clients and not chase open invoices. Lano's invoicing and payment automations guarantee that I am always paid in time.

Joana Voa
Freelance Designer

I use Lano for all the requirements that freelancer brings - from daily project planning to invoicing. I can only recommend Lano to all freelance or self-employed colleagues.

Uli Unger
Freelance Developer

With Lano, I was able to optimize my cash flow quickly and gained financial stability. If a customers does not pay on time, I still get my money fast thanks to Lano.

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