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Payroll consolidation for a global IT Services & Consulting


Our client is a large-scale enterprise in the IT Services & Consulting industry with more than 1,000 employees. Their product is a simple-to-use global business-data platform which is designed to empower business leaders worldwide to make better business decisions based on reliable facts. The company’s headquarters are in Germany, but operations are conducted via 8 different entities worldwide.




Thanks to the automated and standardized data transfers between our in-country payroll providers and Lano, we're now able to consult and analyze payroll data for all our 8 entities on one single screen.

Chief Financial Officer

The Challenge

Fragmented, non-standardized payroll data from multiple providers

With entities in 8 different countries, our client relies on the services of 5 different payroll providers to process payroll for their global team. While outsourcing payroll to in-country providers might ensure compliance, managing and consolidating the incoming data streams is a real problem for the business. 

The payroll data they receive from their different providers is neither consistent nor standardized. Different data formats and discrepancies in the reporting make it hard to bring all their global workforce information together to form a reliable basis for analysis and business decision-making. What’s more, even payroll data provided by the same provider for different geographies is fragmented and SLA standards are not always met. 

Another downside of their current payroll operations is the amount of manual processing it involves. Every month, the People Ops team needs to spend several hours reviewing their payroll output, exporting payroll information from their HRIS software to prepare payroll change templates for their different providers and other manual processes. 

The Solution

Integrating payroll & HRIS with Lano for end-to-end payroll consolidation 

The solution Lano proposed was to connect the different payroll providers via one centralized platform to enable automated data flows and create a single source of truth for the company’s global payroll data. 

The first step was to start with the integration of one payroll partner - in this case, the service provider for the Spanish entity. Lano analyzed both the input and output data flows to and from the Spanish provider and quickly defined a mapping logic to import and export information through their platform. 

Once the integration of the first payroll provider was successfully completed, Lano then repeated the same process with the other service providers. At the same time, the Lano team integrated the client’s HRIS system with the Lano platform to enable data exchanges between both systems, using its Merge.dev interface. As a final step, Lano facilitated the integration with the business’s ERP system to set up the direct transfer of relevant payroll data to the Finance team. 

The Results

Thanks to the automated and standardized data transfers between the different in-country partners and the Lano platform, the client is now able to consult and analyze payroll data for all their 8 entities on one single screen - without the need for manual intervention. In addition, employee data and changes in payroll are now automatically extracted from the client’s HRIS and imported into Lano. This allows the People Ops team to quickly and efficiently review the changes before they are automatically transmitted to the respective payroll partner, saving the company between 10 and 15 hours of work every month. Moreover, the Finance team is now able to view accurate and reliable data on headcount costs in their ERP system and have better control over workforce-related costs of the different entities.


Automated data flows between payroll providers, HRIS, ERP and Lano


10-15 hours saved per month through process automation


Reliable payroll data allows better control of global workforce costs

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